The debut album from Andy Lewis is Billion Pound Project. It features vocal performances from Bettye Lavette, Keni Burke, Fonchi, Loleatta Holloway, Dave Jay, The Exciters, Andy Ellison, Lynda Laurence and Reg King. It takes the listener on a musical journey through forty years of mod culture.

1 The Secret Life Of AJ Lewis
2 100 Oxford St. (featuring Dave Jay)
3 (Love Is) Alive In My Heart (featuring Keni Burke)
4 Laughter Ever After (featuring Bettye Lavette)
5 Since I Lost My Baby (featuring Reg King)
6 Looking Up, Looking In (featuring Dave Jay)
7 See You There (featuring Lynda Laurence)

8 Billion Pound Project
9 Soul Chancer (featuring The Exciters)
10 Till I Lost You (featuring Reg King)
11 Devastated (featuring Loleattta Holloway)
12 Heather Lane (featuring Andy Ellison)
13 One By One (featuring Fonchi)
14 When It All Goes Wrong (featuring Dave Jay)

Andy's second album is You Should Be Hearing Something Now. It contains the hit single "Are You Trying To Be Lonely?" and expands upon the musical aspirations of Billion Pound Project.

01. You Should Be Hearing Something Now!
02. Window Shopping (with Corrina Greyson)
03. Are You Trying To Be Lonely? (with Paul Weller)
04. Don't Know Why You Do It (with Claire Nicolson)
05. Five Tracks In (with Simon Calnan)
06. Phantom Street
07. Come Away With Me (with Johnny Cooke)

08. In The Land Of You & Me (with Claire Nicolson)
09. Tell Me Once Again You Love Me
10. The Love Of My Life (with Dave Jay)
11. Down Below (with Andy Pawlak)
12. Beyond The Fields (with Claire Nicolson)
13. Top Of The Tower (with Andy Ellison)
14. Radio Wonderful (with Gary Crowley)

Both albums are available on CD or LP from HMV , Amazon , ACID JAZZ or as downloads from iTunes

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