andy lewis released his debut album as a solo artist for Acid Jazz records in August 2005. He made his name as one of the prime movers behind the Brit Pop explosion of the mid-90's thanks to his DJ sets at Blow Up and on Blur's Parklife tour.

He continues to be one of the most successful DJs specializing in 60's dance sounds. He also plays bass in Paul Weller's live band, and is in demand as a music producer and consultant.

Andy's Mini-LP "41" was written and recorded at home during the last fortnight of 2010. Release details below... see Andy's MySpace Blog for the full story!

Andy's albums "Billion Pound Project" and "You Should Be Hearing Something Now!", are both still available on LP/CD/Download. CLICK HERE for details of these records, and where to get them.


Download from iTunes. Physical format released by Acid Jazz records in March, cat. no AJX CD257